Hello.  I’m a Motion Graphics Artist & occasional Director, based in Los Angeles.  My background is in TV, film, commercials, broadcast, sports graphics, branding, social media and music videos.  Since 2012, I've also been specialized in creating visuals for live shows, projections mapping, experiential content, and video installations.  I find it rewarding to see my work live among thousands of people, as I’ve always had a passion for music and live performance.
I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2004, with a BFA in both Graphic Design and Video Production.  I was fortunate enough to land an internship that allowed me to hit the ground running on projects in national and worldwide markets.  I quickly moved to New York City to expand my skills.  My experience in NYC was incredible and I had a prolific run working on both sets and in post-production. But a personal thirst to be in a calmer and more invigorating environment led me on a nomadic journey for several years.  
Living and working local markets in Mexico, Austin, & Denver, I eventually ended up in LA.  More specifically in Venice Beach, which is a part of the city that allows me to enjoy the great weather, outdoors, and the healthy lifestyle that California is known for.  My personal hobbies include a wide range of outdoor & active activities, producing and composing music, DJ'ing, & traveling.  

Interview with Josh Crews

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